Monday, 11 June 2018

A Jester's Death


A Jester's Death

Through darkness I'm glancing ropes of light,
At night I used to see stars from skylight,
And try to compare the Nature with my abysmal life,
Seasons are gone; no rain could wash my tears,
Worse part of soul is that, which I never share,
I am a jester of Jacobean; I have no right to cry.

Even my travail makes others' heart happy,
But I am the most humiliated in the jamboree,
No maid likes to smooch with a funny fellow,
In refulgent motley, miles of death are buried,
To buy a smile for others I burn thousand quivers,
And what I've got is few coins by stared eyes.

In sensualism, in keen wind, no soul of equality,
It's a senseless speech of the swampy coinage,
But one thing could make me equal to all,
Lady to strumpet, braves to yellow, wise to cruel,
All they've had one thing alike, and I'll do,
All I need is rope, hook and some courage to die.

Jack Elixir

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