Monday, 11 June 2018

After one year


After one year

We're standin' in graveyard of deceitful death,
Really I try to hasten from this time,
Every thought that is coming is hard-bitten,
So I soothe myself to be zero at ground zero.

Never 've witnessed of this type of coldness in September,
Masquerade in behavior, as I don't doing what I want,
What I want is an unbearable scream, which makes terror deaf.
And peace me, obfuscate every death seller.

Today's wind has memory, odor of everyone,
Who is not here; and in ear I can't understand,
What she is saying; every name that is tolling,
Reminds us how really human we are.

Everyone here is pauper ' '  '"cause what they lose;
Is not meant to get again, it is just lost;
Agencies are tellin' how they're in different order;
But I can't know why we need to get such genuine?

Jack Elixir

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