Monday, 11 June 2018

Again Unfortunately Truths


Again Unfortunately Truths

The way I use words to tell,
What unfortunately I don't know,
Is something which makes me?
To write poetry in realism.

Now I'm writing, if not,
Somebody else will write the very same,
Thus poetry itself is much important,
Than the word arranger like me.

Some of verse writers like me,
Are much worse than the common man,
About whom we're writing in craze,
So epic of the commons are lost in vain.

How we make simple thing high complex,
With litter spark we make flame,
That flame we use to burn,
All we've made in centuries' labour.

Some truths are found in country verse,
But when we rate, it considered very low,
Just as the most beautiful woman,
Makes strongest man to an earlier orgasm.

Woman and verse are much deeper,
Than silent looking the central Pacific.
Unfortunately these four discuss more,
So loose importance to deep understanding.

Politics is far much less used in senate,
But even novice and nihilist want to do great,
Oafs want to rule, so to get pacification,
In this only high sense of politics can help.

Ministers are more horrible than graveyard,
As they have buried history of crushed humanism,
And in all ways they spread murk on realism,
It's a reason why we feel unsecured in confession.

Jack Elixir

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