Friday, 8 June 2018

Be With Me

Be With Me

You're like a summer dream in my eyes,
I find absolute freedom in your arms,
Keep always your hand in mine,
Make me laugh when I'm solemn,
Shine in my dark alone sky.

Make me dream; when I'm sleeping,
Make me think you; when I'm far,
Hold me when I'm going off,
Love me even fate not on our side,
Give me wings when I try to fly.

Do empathy when I'm in remorse,
Give me words if I can't speak,
Fill me love if I'm going empty,
Raise me when I'm falling,
Give me eyes when I wanna see.

Calm me when I gonna be impatient,
Tell true when I need to know,
Give me credence when I'm losing it,
Share new with me when I'm in chore,
Kiss me when I'm alone in you.

Jack Elixir

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