Monday, 11 June 2018

Born Human


Born Human

We all born in nature, by Her, for Her,
And I'm the very same 'cause I'm born human;
Pass' religion, I've obeyed with my slavish soul,
Even nearer wants to vain humanity gifted by Her.

It's innocuous enough, much truer than pantomime,
Pantheism scatters, but she always gives lap to sleep;
But the best thing in me is to forget all worse;
So history to future there's no revolution for humanity.

They tell me to be patriotic as I born in boundary,
False religion force on me, as it is blind ritual,
Every thing of social tries to turn me from human,
But even all queers, there's relic in me for revolt.

For sojourn we all born but renege with ourselves,
Perpetuity some thoughts around us but nothing hits heart,
Penurious humans nothing own to think or decide,
Malicious divisions ready to destroy Her.

Even indeed born superior lives the maledictory life;
Innate green, water, breeze, heaven not treat us,
But in illicit social jungle live for forage,
Only reason we're alive is, as we have not died.

Jack Elixir

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