Saturday, 9 June 2018

Come Into My Life


Come Into My Life

O stranger! You take my heart away,
Baby you are a surreal odyssey,
An angel who comes in my dreams,
And to make my dreams come true,
Come into my life.

You make me love you since I saw you,
By you sheen shines in my all things,
You sear love in me and it's endless,
And to make warm affection,
Come into my life.

After seeing you I knew life is too tiny to love,
So even a single breath I won't waste without you,
Baby you are in my soul, breaths and heart,
And to make me whole worthwhile,
Come into my life.

Your deep black brown eyes are unspoken passion,
Like fairy you are a beauteous damsel,
A beam of the luster in dark sky,
And to make my day and night,
Come into my life.

Jack Elixir

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