Monday, 11 June 2018

Cursed Country


Cursed Country

More creeds, more curse to humanity;
Precarious human in death of truth;
Malicious saint of false god;
Sole sod can live in sordid boon.

Ridiculous ruler of rural country;
What they know are many ruses;
Turpitude turns one into high and low;
And every tussle is limited to below line.

Currency, a charisma dominates soul;
Every courtesy is for the clink of coins;
Misery of miser and anxiety of toff;
Now who cares for human heart?

Few stars in the darkest night of falsehood;
They do not give light but just appear;
Shouting silence is dying in absence of understanding;
Where morality is directly proportional to overcastted clothes.

On name of morality maim whole moral;
Except freedom every thing in Freeland;
And ethnic cleansing is the best policy;
Manifest truth, but nothing for the blinds.

Jack Elixir

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