Monday, 11 June 2018

Deceptive Truth About Love


Deceptive Truth About Love

What I've learnt about love
Is not that it always deceives,
But near about of the deception;
And a little paradox like silence of garrulous,
The start of complex is search of manifest beauty,
In fickleness where untruth is adored for truth,
So who would define the truth beauty-Keats.

Leave it, let's talk about quitted love,
Or the exact start of some country love,
Is there any difference about the conscience?
Regret of what we really want to give up,
And feeling of sway in loving someone stranger,
Ok, I agree, it is absurd, leave it.

Redundant honesty in age precarious lisciouness,
Deceitful charm is something said to be harmless,
And the most disgusting helps to get idea of heart,
Jilted one can tell the nothingness of sacredness,
But all these are about to lose, not to gain.

Jack Elixir

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