Monday, 11 June 2018




I'm very strict to caste,
So before six thousands years
I've been dividing you in system
And it's first proof of my shrewdness.

In different part of world
I use different dirty traps
So before two thousand years
I've been dividing you in religions.

I'm so cunning that you can't
Even imagine how I'll deceive you.
Every time I said to you
That now is time to make new start.

Can you guess, how in Christianity and
Islam I gave you a definite start,
I said, you would get hell by divisions.
And what I did to you, can guess now.

After religion, I came to racism,
I made homilies to malaise you,
I did many shabby things to humanity
But never made you to understand it.

Before one thousand year from now,
You had got many languages by me,
So I conceive you on divisions of tongue,
But blood on streets made me worse.

Before five hundred year,
I made many countries for you,
And actually that is precarious,
As I made patriots to make bloody riots.

And see after killing of billions,
I'm still thirsty; I'm so knave.
And your problem is I'm so deep in you,
That you can't even feel me in you.

In every era, in every age
In every human, in every place,
I'm present to stigmatizes humanity,
And your ignorance solaces me to do so.

Jack Elixir

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