Monday, 11 June 2018

Earthly Desires


Earthly Desires

Edgy environment is lost as he tabs on door,
Except those a few hours whole day is bore,
Even sometimes I thought is it really a love?
Ecru evening, dark night, craving and dawn.

After affable affection I've also got green gift,
Are these things for just alms or a real lift?
Above all, by my side I love him by soul,
Absurd it seems when a mistress talks in this way.

Really it quite difficult to love lonely,
Ripped off every thing when and remained a heart only,
Risky for him to love me at both day and night,
Ripple effect causes when just one loves someone.

Tell each one frankly and show rage angrily,
To do this in real only mind is smiled sweetly,
Teeny days were more truthful than sex work,
Tart doesn't seem moral may even then he loves.

Home truths about me he knows and it's rife,
He even then comes with joy to make life,
Hands, lips, cheeks, tongue he more uses to love,
Hamlet of dream so I've created for us.

Jack Elixir

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