Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Even You Don't Love Me


Even You Don't Love Me

Baby! The wonder I feel in you,
The great starry-eyed; your look,
Music in every word you have ever spoken,
And the way you hide yourself from me,
Aye, I know you don't love me.

Heart! Never ending innocence of your soul,
You're the most beautiful to me,
Like a fairy is walkin' in summer meadow,
But you're just formal to me like every other,
Well, I love you; even you don't love me.

Doll! Every time I drown when I looked into your eyes,
May it's me who doesn't able to show crazy love,
People say it's inane, the one sided craze,
Even I don't want to explain every one,
But it's sure enough, you don't love me.

Love! it's not always easy to love as such,
But I do and really I'll care you than any else,
May you've Nothingles of reasons for not lovein',
But I can't find a single one for leavin' you,
Hope, one thing will deny, the way don't love me.

Jack Elixir

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