Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Free India


Free India

1947 Anno Domini, India is free;
Free to kill, free to divide, free to vain.

1964 Anno Domini, last English ruler
Leaves India to her fate, in hand of his doll.

1967 Anno Domini, India clearly knows
She is under dictatorship and an undemocratic.

1977 Anno Domini, India first time
Realizes she is democratic nation and can choose.

1980 Anno Domini, India catches the point
That she has been cheated again by her leaders.

1984 Anno Domini, India is sure enough
Not a secular one and one kills thousands.

1990 Anno Domini, India sees a mundane fun
A movement rises to make abode of the Lord.

1995 Anno Domini, Kingship is really gone
India is in the hands of many rulers.

1998 Anno Domini, partly with difference comes
Come with no difference and the western riots.

2005 Anno Domini, new millennium in India
But nothing new in thinkology but a copy of the west.

Jack Elixir

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