Tuesday, 12 June 2018




Too hard to keep smiling in worse,
But continue to follow the lost way,
Which join to another somber way,
Without cease going on and on;
To purchase pain; try to love,
And when not being loved in return,
Sorrow again wraps the soul.

Life-a fall's tale and a frustration;
On name of life, remain alive, but never live;
Sometimes condition is so miserable,
Except desires nothing has to sell;
Constant smites which make heart bad,
Mundane misery life, but what to do?
Whole environment eternal in the rue.

No single moment which is only mine;
Where I'm, standing, no one solaces;
Sole heart whose desires are going in vain;
And except grief no one shows fealty;
Huge enthusiasm to be a great;
Jaded faithless fettles of life
Make solely and solely self-strife.

Jack Elixir

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