Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Help me!


Help me!

The way I love without tellin' you;
The way you behave as not knowin',
Even all odds are true like you and me,
Then why you don't give me some signs.

You've been driving me crazy since I saw you,
And not even a single moment I've got since...
Ere you, I don't know how love could be sick?
How a wise loose wisdom in welkin of beauty?

Here, where I am, is near of astral dreams;
Where I'm knittin' dreams about you and me,
But I don't know why my life is convergin' to you?
Why my each and every thought is nothin' but you?

Hey! Help me, I need you coz I love you;
O my love! Help me in tellin' you.

Jack Elixir

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