Saturday, 9 June 2018

How Great!


How Great!

I don't know how
But these butterflies do have all those colours
That a naked human eye sees.
And something more that makes us to imagine.

I really wonder how
As these sun and moon compete, but I guess,
Moon wins sometimes as sun never comes at night,
But yet moon dares to come at even day.

I get craze about
How these rivers do make their own ways
And just one thing they kept in mind,
That they have to meet ocean, now and then.

I fancy how many
Stars a night has and all have their positions
And everyone comes at the high time,
They shine; they twinkle; as they're smiling.

I feel great about
How woods have green leaves, red flowers, orange fruits,
From the heart of earth they suck water
And make available to the top most leaf.

I bliss to see waterfall
How a fall is so immortal, so great
And the murmuring sound makes every poet
To think what is the most unheard in that.

I jealous of oceans
How huge they are, all sins and graces they can dissolve,
But my heart can't do this great even for one time,
Yet people dare to compare it with these gods like oceans

Jack Elixir

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