Saturday, 9 June 2018

I Believe


I Believe

I believe in love,
' '  '"Cause by eyes you've ripen in me,
And love is eternal
As it is from bottom of heart.
I believe in desires,
' '  '"Cause all my desires are you,
And my fall for you
Is solely way to fulfill it.
I believe in dreams
' '  '"Cause you make me dream,
And in day or night
All my dreams are spinning around you.
I believe in exchange of hearts
' '  '"Cause I've got your,
And I'll never break your heart
As in it I live.
I believe in tight embraces
' '  '"Cause you are the most cottony,
And you make me feel
That two hearts can beat as one.
I believe in kisses
' '  '"Cause for me you are the most precious,
And you are sacred one
To whom I wanna kiss tenderly.
I believe in colours
' '  '"Cause you make rainbow in my life,
And you are a colour of joy
As you make all colour joyful in life.
I believe in fragrance
' '  '"Cause you've spread it in my soul,
And your warm breaths
Are captivating perfume of soil.
I believe in the nature
' '  '"Cause she perfectly sprinkled beauty on you,
And you are an innocent proud
Which gleams in my eyes.
I believe in you
' '  '"Cause there's nothing mine in me sans you,
And you're firm badge of trust
On my heart, breath and soul.

Jack Elixir

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