Saturday, 9 June 2018

I'm Dying For You


I'm Dying For You

When I have nothing to do
I just start remembering you
And I've been known
What I did for you
And you did for me
Not in just return but in love
All these remembrances are like
The breaths, which are keeping me alive
In sorrow of the night.

O baby, you know, you know,
How my life is going on without you,
It's chains of wrongs
Hymns of sorrow songs
O baby, I'm dying for you
I'm crying for you.

Let me; give me one more chance
Make me more complete
How baby I tell you?
Loneliness is Devil's hell
Which keeps on warping me.

Baby I want to look into your eyes
I want to touch your cheeks with mine
Baby, baby baby
You're the only; baby the only love of my life,
You're the only dream of my night,
O baby com'on.

Jack Elixir

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