Saturday, 9 June 2018

I'm here with you


I'm here with you

How it possible that I don't love,
If possible, that itself mean I'm no more,
So there is one thing you never need
To worry about that I don't love.

And nothing of life is so important
That makes your importance less in life.
If that sun forgets to rise but you wake up,
Don't worry I'm here to warm you.

Where ever you are, whatever time it is,
You may not have any idea in your mind,
Forget all odds 'cause you know one thing,
I'm very next to you to be with you.

If I have only two breaths left in life,
One I'll give you and second I use to tell
That I'm going no where, for death
Can't conquer eternal love of country soul.

Jack Elixir

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