Saturday, 9 June 2018

In Love


In Love

Love, the fall, makes things immortal.

There is no limit of your beauty;
It's touching heart and giving gaiety.

A heaven! When someone falls in love;
For trade billions of stars in skies
Art not enough in front of your love.

The undying emotions keep love to survive
Even things art not going great;
Spring is not near to make satin life,
And faith says the best is still ahead.

Honey, love shines as hope;
If your heart is by my side,
Life has no grief of death;
Even sun's gonna be denied,
But in love, nothing is in dearth.

All callings coming from my psyche,
Say me to feel you in breaths;
Moon rising but I'm looking you,
As my first loving love are you,
Nothing I believe to moonlit with you,
As my vital refulgence of life are you.

Jack Elixir

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