Tuesday, 12 June 2018

In The Ocean's Depth


In The Ocean's Depth

Innate night in the ocean's depth,
It's hellish murk as devil's abode,
Every thing which nearer is still, dead,
And in pain, It's fate of an odyssey.

Time is no longer in force, utterly inactive;
Here talk of romance is paradox,
Nothing is bright or soft in heaving aqua,
And o angel! Continual I'm remembering you,
As no one charm or warm as you.

A cozy experience of your warmth touch
Remains active in my bottom of heart,
In way of era soul keeps love as such,
An eternal passion without end, or start.

Now sometimes rust's waves touch my soul,
No rage it shows to me, deep silence,
Mundane things no concern here in all dead,
Without sea-shanty it's wreck of dreams,
None decades I've spent by time of the Earth.

Jack Elixir

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