Tuesday, 12 June 2018

It Can't Help


It Can't Help

 Emperor, queen, senator, business executive
 And others like them
 Must be happy as they have enough money but devil of sorrow
 Can't be conquered by power of money
 That's why wealth doesn't make man happy.

 Wealth is like desert water
 That not quenches, but makes one more thirsty
 And if we talk positively
 Sorrow is closer to human, and never leaves him
 But treasure has to a parted
 'Cause its presence can't help a human.

 In journey of life
 Half of sorrow is as of wealth that we don't have,
 And remaining half as we have some to escort.
 And we unable to understand basic point that
 We have to love people and use things
 But we love things and use people.

Jack Elixir

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