Sunday, 10 June 2018

It's nothing


It's nothing

Some comely gives tender touch to soul;
Someone hurts to heart with eyes' arrow;
And you wanna share one's joy and pain;
It's nothing but sign of love.

Couples throw sterling in the pond;
Swift billows come to the ocean shore;
Heart cracks jokes to make laugh;
It's nothing but sign of fun.

Foot not obeys gait, tongue speaks without wait;
First crush of heart comes true;
Eyes are gleaming in fair love;
It's nothing but sign of ecstasy.

Eyes glance without blink;
Like warrior pain purchased for a gain;
Looking to sky as you wanna do something;
It's nothing but sign of passion.

Mass lop curse, ray strives for ignorance;
Orthodox burns to get a new look;
Spring comes and blossom covers the country;
It's nothing but sign of success.

Jack Elixir

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