Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Keep Mum!


Keep Mum!

A few, those are geniuses, they rule us;
They decide lives, tell moral and immoral,
As we are brainless, so suffer long;
But it's common to the commons, why to think?
Why to take some path, when there is line link?
All of life and life's everything come from cave,
To discuss more, to go deep, is being a knave;
May feral barbaric but are the Rulers.

How travail shares? Even blood taints no care,
Perforce needs even not got! Don't cry,
The great kings don't like the wry;
Ignorance is a bliss, which maintains us,
Don't talk wrong about Royal hoodlum,
Manana may maverick come, but now keep mum!

Jack Elixir

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