Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Let Her Love Me


Let Her Love Me

I'm Loving you
By knowing
You love somebody else.

Isn't it the hardest thing to do.
I know there's no hope of getting you
See still I'm loving you.

See Still I'm hoping
Against hope itself.
Isn't it the darkest thing to do?
When I know this night has no daylight.

Well! I'm waiting
Yet I clear enough
You're never gonna come
Isn't it the craziest thing to do?

When I know you aren't mine any way,
I cannot lose you any more
As in me nothing remains mine to loose.

And yet if I keep on loving you,
Is it become as it has to be?
If yes, God! Let me love her
And God! Listen, Let her love me.

Jack Elixir

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