Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Lost Angel


Lost Angel

In fantasy love all things are soft,
But every particle of practical world
Is rough, narrow and full of sorrow;
But it's also true; life exists in both bays.

Once in the life, deep pastoral love;
As a burning star which shines ever,
She is sole lass whose lips I've touched,
And many more other tender moments.

She as an angel comes from heaven,
To love me, kiss me, care me and for ever,
Waiting in eyes, fairy's lips, jolly smiles, crispy hair;
A complete comeliness, but to describe, words are rare.

A continuous love psalm, but every start has end;
Every thing, which more touches heart, always bends;
Nothing new or different that happens to us,
Even there is no rule - a boy shouldn't love a Dame!

Group of groups is sustained by one,
But no one cares about the one.

Jack Elixir

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