Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Love With Two


Love With Two

In somber of misunderstanding,
There was a start of anger,
And it came to breaking point,
And at last it broke.

A long absolute affair;
Ended in unpleasant;
Now nothing to say;
Heart-a sorrow bay.

In dull scarcity, in broken heart,
She came as roses; she was so fresh;
To touch I raised my hand,
And she holds me, to love me.

I again dared to love,
But with someone else;
In hand and hand
We were drowning in Passion Sea.

In way she met me with tears;
We discussed our broken relation,
Look how deep it was,
And knew, we made for each other.

But when I remembered her
I found myself in confusion,
Now I'm standing in two boats,
Which are sailing in two directions.

Jack Elixir

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