Sunday, 10 June 2018

Maudlin thoughts


Maudlin thoughts

In search of never owned love,
Like newly came pebbles of cove,
Never duped; never touched; never felt;
Those unclever innocent dreams I've dreamt.

A kohl that not hurts eyes; even it's black,
A heart always has emotions; even in lack,
Encourage life; encourage enthusiasm; encourage conscience,
And if you shall find, that's your surprise.

Look at your baby and just think,
How God is extravagance? And blink,
'Cause color; 'cause shape; 'cause smell;
Why is in a single rose? And as well.

Laconic speech of a lover,
Amountless gift and its cover,
That makes; that tells; that wakes;
Hidden faith of heart and nothing it takes.

Jack Elixir

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