Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Mortal Mundane Things


Mortal Mundane Things

No I don't, I really don't
Wanna praise your oceanic hair
Coz I know it's gonna fade and gray.
Not really I fall on your glittering eyes
Coz with time it's gaining gloom.
Nothing great I find in creamy lips
Coz every day's sun making them dry.

Your wet silky cheeks are all right
But dark dust conquering them every moment.
I like to kiss on your faithful brow
But wrinkles going to dominate whole of it.
Your nose is as shape of what people like
But y'know it's not going to work forever.
Your neck makes me remember the Grecian Urn
But it's not as immortal as Keats' art.
Really breasts make me feel their fall swell
But truly they're going down and dull.
Beauteous baby butts are an attraction
But every meal makes them grow broad.

And even not I like to dare,
Dare to compare your heavenly voice.
And the way you walk in beauty
I like your smile, the way you look at me.
And truth is I would like to love
That immortal spirit that you able
To keep in mortal mundane things.

Jack Elixir

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