Tuesday, 12 June 2018

My Lost Love


My Lost Love

My heart, in lost love, is going to worse;
Ruins of dreams are standing in curse;
Flood of tears is in my calm eyes;
I knew, she had been bending towards fate,
But my heart was saying no, to believe it;
Too much as mania, I've loved her;
How heart will stand in her hysterical depart.

I wanted to become wall to nature's law,
But nothing was happened, as I had wanted;
In night, her hand was gone cold in mine;
In the way of time black day rose;
She is sorrows of dirge to me;
The most comeliness denied in front of me;
The most loquacious in my life is in deep silence.

Sorrow hue is vibrating in deep of heart,
Mirk of grief is making me half hearted,
Depart from heart, soul, beauty, breath,
After her all things loose their importance;
Merely memories are remained in gloomy heart;
Nothing after her gives me a new start;
For last tribute, I was with tears only.

Now I'm with my alone heart,
In heart, only she and her memories;
Sole way for me to be alive
Are her love, expressions, talks, and graphs;
No way of heart is opened for other,
I'm very busy in her immortal love,
'Cause I'm lost in my lost love.

Jack Elixir

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