Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My Sacrifice


My Sacrifice

Intericated all the truth that I have,
Not easy to asleep with this enemy,
Who always make you in catch-22,
And human hidden catch makes it worse.

But also can't help to give up,
It's like the first love, the innocent,
For it I leave many of mine,
And that my sacrifice I do.

And after fate, I can't vain, I exist,
In you, in a corner of your heart,
And sometimes it makes you to do true,
It's my sacrifice I do for you.

After whole corrupt day, it makes you restive,
In the jamboree you loose illicit words,
And it reminds, you're human,
When you search, it gives inner espouse.

Would be it makes clam whole trouble,
Then may you forgive me, inner truth?
Then may you pay tribute to my loneliness?
By the whole rabble around me, to my sacrifice.

Jack Elixir

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