Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Naked truth


Naked truth

You're fu@king me deep to the soul.
Millions die by you, for you;
Socrates to Mira, Carpincus to Chamkila.
In every age people have to die for you.
Please leave me, I don't wanna die.

Why you made so many rebels in the history.
You arouse Bhuda from Shidharth, Mahavir to non-violence.
May not fully but partially appearance of you
Made too many rebels of Bhakti Movements.
Please leave me, I don't wanna be a rebel.

Naked truth, I know you're aesthetic,
But in your love people will call me vulgar,
You're so bare of clothes, so nude.
It's obscene to stand with you in public.
Please leave me, I don't wanna be unsocial.

The land where I abode, no one knows you,
If I talk of you, People think me insane,
It's crazy to hold you, you're alien here
From era to era, you're not part of society.
Please leave me, I don't wanna be lunatic.

Jack Elixir

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