Sunday, 10 June 2018

Never End


Never End

My everlasting love for you,
The way you make me feel,
Wanton spirit that tenderly touches me,
Keen joy of endless romance
Never end, never end.

The way you say me love,
Our fame in holy love,
Swift percept of soft love,
Billows of the ocean of love,
The gust of fragrant love,
Never end, never end.

Desires to reach far skies,
Tender love that is without faults,
The true happiness in arms,
The motive of burning passions,
Unbounded pleasure of the special moments
Never end, never end.

Little things and their endless joy to heart,
The beats of love in heart,
The eternal understanding of heart,
The mirk's sweet memories in heart,
The burning emotions run deep in heart,
Never end, never end.

Jack Elixir

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