Sunday, 10 June 2018

Oops! I did it again


Oops! I did it again

Before I forget these lol and legato ideas,
Let me write a few lines of frivolity,
Before this day loses with setting sun;
Let me see somethin' more unless it also goes dun.

Me so funny but when write too serious,
Idiotic geniuses say it's not a right criterion.
And in solitary every thing makes desert;
In craze, when I scream hope becomes inert.

Oops! Manful acts of poet make him less poetic,
And whatever poetry tells even he too neglects,
At climax my fun loses, coz it comes from soar;
And in mandatory rhythm I feel more ignore.

I have some sense so: I didn't shared licentious lyrics,
But if jocose instead of joking, jocund instead of merry,
Critics start throwing stones as they call me formal;
At every stage God also says be moral and normal.

Some call what the hell is this country grammar?
And I try to explain it's my liberal poetry.
Well! Except a few hundreds others are not squalling;
Me do promise, I'll use some grab and also wall.

Jack Elixir

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