Wednesday, 13 June 2018




Martial smoke and knell in sorrow air,
By vagaries - loss and pain of souls,
The very innocuous and neutral people,
But death makes no difference in devil and human.

The reason with which they die;
The uncivilization of Satan's mind.
Fathers die in front of sons,
Lovers renege with beloveds.

Two chic Titans of proud, prosperity;
Which once were touching the heaven,
Unfortunately now in sable Hades,
With graven desires of the millions.

An absolution which not be near,
And hope manana may be wound filled,
Even now hearts are covered with clouds,
But it's clear that Phoenix rises from ashes.

Renown not disturbs in mayhem,
Invincible doesn't imbalance in heartache,
Legion should conquer the diabolic dirge,
And sheen will shine in mansion to pavement.

Jack Elixir

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