Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Poetry Writers


Poetry Writers

Not only poetess, many poets write in vain,
Salvia of the West and Kamala of the East,
Guess poetry just as their lives' tears,
Even great poets loose themselves unfain.

Some patriotic start writing of religious riot,
Others try to cage maverick thought of truth,
A few just care about rhythms and words,
And thus Nothingles of poems have created in maladroit.

Queer reasons they have to write,
They write and arrange to collect claps,
Mawkish man makes it to get popular,
So only we are glooming this great knight.

Egregious poetry is product of mind of cynic,
Even it's better, but worse is who repeats others'
And who doesn't got any one, they just repeat oneself,
Lust of honour keeps them in good nick.

But rustic ray of hope never fades
Some star always shines to tell way
And some thing helps to find unsolved
As poetry is not just poet's creation, it's self-made.

Jack Elixir

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