Sunday, 10 June 2018

Reasons To Love


Reasons To Love

How difficult to tell why I love you, And problem gotten
more serious when you are taking about true love.
When you love someone by falsehood,
it's very easy to get reasons.
Instead of all these things
if I try hard to tell you
I guess these reasons are enough to love you.

Intensity and capacity of your heart to love.

I feel innocence in your nature, even when
you say false things I don't feel it as untruthful.

Generally I feel kids are nearer to God.

I feel hearty closeness to you
Which I can't able to create with others.

When I touch you,
I feel as I'm touching my own body's part
And it is which people seldom to find.

Waves of emotions are much stronger
Atleast more strong than love
Formed on base of faith.

I find a joy inside me
Just being with you.

When you near to me
I don't smell any kind of fragrance from you.
It creates oneness which is first step of love
And of course the last.

Even your look (when you look at me)
I see a tender touch to my soul
And it's a little warm
If I try to watch it keenly.

And above all there are still some reasons
Which are beyond from the range of literary words,
At least the language I know

Jack Elixir

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