Sunday, 10 June 2018

Summer Dream


Summer Dream

Meadow is surging by soft wind,
The Sun is shining the whole earth,
Her shanks are hidden in the grass,
With palms she tries to feel tenderness,
And with eyes talking with me,
Blue bells' garland for blonde,
I make in fond of her beauty.

And she wears it as crown
And petted nectar on my brow,
With her creamy lips,
Crossing over river birds are singing unnoted song,
Trees teem red than innate green,
Far-somewhere incense is burning in censer,
This is making wind sweeter than ever.

But to the whole existence, she dominates,
She as the gist of the nature,
Innocent scream is standing near of sequoia,
Thinking about our sentimental relation,
Which is softer than aqua, firm than cliff,
Invincible faith is flowing in between hearts,
And only she makes idyll, here is nothing.

Jack Elixir

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