Saturday, 16 June 2018



 They tried to tense the tearaway,
 But body was unable to wrap the soul,
 It was funny fun of the human race,
 Which watch'd by throng, but not by me.
 The hell of Rome for Romeo,
 In depart of his jolly Juliet,
 Lament of depart is odour'd as eau de cologne in soulland,
 And I'm finding in water of mere, night of woodland.
 Struggle was limit'd till the breath,
 Love is remained still active after pound,
 Breaths, bodies' tales were uncompleted,
 Now I need a holy termination and love.
 Beauty! Hold me in arms; an absolute freedom,
 Truth has ruin'd odious dungeon of earth,
 In marsh of hate, love will remain alive,
 We've built a shadow, now honour me love.
Jack Elixir 

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