Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Knight's Death


The Knight's Death
The jocund legion is unsettled in giant circle,
Where the match of gallantry is settled;
Gorgeous celebration echoes by candence.
With kisses cheerio on her eyes, he turns;
In the knights, creme de la creme he appears;
As anon as he comes whole crowd glances thither,
With long lance, iron mask and metal attire,
On steed he is refulgent in boulevard.
With silent note, the capital challenge begins;
And sound rises to touch the sky,
They come, make feral attack and then again attack,
In throng, she is also there, but with sable mind,
With a small mirror, she gives glint to the eyes.
And no one knows actually what happen;
The knight makes a slight miss;
And rival's lance broke the head.
Jack Elixir 

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