Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Queen Of The Night


The Queen Of The Night
 Eternal damnation to soul that's buried in body,
 Phoney name; life with ignorance and shame,
 When everyone goes to sleep, my job starts,
 Every gesture is falsehood in false world.
 Nothing gives light in this bright night;
 Huge fans but no one mine in the empty world,
 Malediction for me, malmsey for others;
 Me alone living crowd of merciless lives.
 How many bucks are needed to wrap body?
 I earn those by stripping in black hue;
 Body burns to earn, what I need to live;
 And soul dies every day when I look at myself.
 Futile fustian; gaudy make up to attract;
 Live to quench craving of rich malefactor,
 Every night is a spiteful experience of abuse,
 Savage chore in the jungle of Coinland.
Jack Elixir 

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