Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Star Of Hope

The Star Of Hope
We were lost souls far from edge of the ocean;
Underneath the black cliff and its percipill,
Ewer, Littre, a few cigarettes and she smoked,
Fire light, smoke and her face in flashing fire,
Entreated to enfold me with face toward north.
Every moment that was passing; credence dying,
But no gesture of hopelessness I showed;
Sometimes waves sprayed water which was as cold as she's hot,
Stars, winsome face, little flame, tiny glitter that incinerate,
Are the few hopes we had to share in alone night.
Except warm love no sustenance to sustain life,
Pair of saxe blue eyes was making the lethe effect,
And I felt, it was difficult to survive in the both bays,
At a moment her heart's beaten more than usual,
And said, let's start to hope with North Star.
The star of hope enliven the whole enthusiasm,
' '  '"Cause the star was not a star, it was way a flying machine,
Enigma hearten to come out from the havoc,
In hope, I seared fleece for SOS,
And flood of light surged on us to conquer dark.
Jack Elixir 

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