Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Unsinkable Sinks


The Unsinkable Sinks
The maiden voyage was started from Southampton,
On Wednesday April 10, 1912: of the R.M.S. Titanic.
And ended at 3821 meter deep down
In the heart of the wanton north Atlantic.
The moonless starlit caustic cold night,
Her lights are twinklin' against stars in ways,
It's April 14, 1912 in innocuous proud,
With twenty-two knots the mighty ship sway.
Titanic was called the ship of dreams,
For human hearts it was intense deep delight,
But about a 23:40 the greenish ice berg
Appears which is remained ever in the sight.
Ice berg right ahead, 'sir' the very strange
Squall is sounded from the crow's nest,
Hard to starboard full speed astern
But the ship is collided after all of the best.
People are in sleep, playin' cards, in the ball
Or enjoyin' their good night drink,
Captain smith with his officers in chart chamber,
Where Mr. Andrews tells that the unsinkable will sink.
Jack Elixir 

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