Monday, 11 June 2018

Truth Beauty


Truth Beauty

More precious than the stone considers precious,
More great than the words in great verse,
More sweet than the tone of mandolin
Is her one word that inspires many great verses.

The way she surrenders herself in love,
The way she deviates to love in emotions,
The way she maintains emotions in anger
With all innocence she knows to express the best.

To see one thing at one time and care for all,
To forgive all wrong like divine and behave as human,
To get good in crowd of rubbish and nature of kid
Will all exception she is more normal than country love.

Some time I just look her face to count blink,
And think really truth beauty exists in her.
How absurd if I try to express it in words,
And more absurd if I dare to divide it in types.

Jack Elixir

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